More than 20 years of growth

The company created by Thierry Lièvre in 1994 has its roots in the history of international trade and carries the DNA of the great merchant explorers of past centuries.

For more than 20 years, U10 has intervened as a supplier and partner in the universe of international retail in the interior design and home furnishings segment.

1994 Création of the start-up L3C
1999 €10m in sales – Listing on the Marché Libre of the Paris stock exchange
2004 €100m in sales – L3C becomes U10 and is transferred to be Second Marché
2007 €210m in sales – LBO
2008-2009 Years of economic crisis
2010 €187m in sales – Thierry Lièvre buys back a block of shares held by an investor – end of the LBO
2012 €208m in sales – U10 sales returns to pre-crisis level
2013 €207m in sales – Thierry Lièvre buys back the 20% block of shares held by Banque Natixis
2014 U10 is 20 years old – Full early redemption of bonds
2015 New logistics building investment for an additional 18 000 m² (200 000 ft²) of surface area storage
2016 Development of U10 Limited : export sales of Home European collections
2017 U10 acquires 7.4% of its capital through a block trade